Ellie Kettrick, who is on her second pilgrimage with DLS, has written about our day on Wednesday:

I think it’s crazy that we’re now in our last few days here. We wait all year to come and then suddenly we’re here, gone and counting the days until next time. 

This morning, most of the split shift group went to the International Mass in the underground Basilica at 9:30. This is a really interesting mass that brings together many people from all over. The mass is said in a few different languages, e.g; French, Spanish, English etc. Due to this, not all the pilgrims find it enjoyable to sit for this length of time. Some stay at the Accueil but some go out to the shops etc. I didn’t go to the International Mass and instead went to the supermarket with a pilgrim and a few others. This was exciting because we stay in the same kind of areas all week. 

This evening we had our party at the Accueil for all the volunteers and Pilgrims. Everyone got dressed up and some of the volunteers sang and danced. This is an amazing way for us to celebrate coming to the end of yet another year and an other brilliant pilgrimage to Lourdes. We have grown and learned so much. 

We also had to say goodbye to our friends from the Xaverian College. It was a pleasure working with them this week. We all loved having them join us and hope they’ve taken a lot away from the experience.


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