Dunkeld Lourdes 2020

We are ready to launch the Dunkeld Pilgrimage to Lourdes for 2020!!!

After a wonderful pilgrimage 2019, a review was carried out, and overall the responses were very positive, and all the points raised will be taken on board in planning for 2020. Appreciation and thanks to all who took time to respond!

The cost of this year’s pilgrimage will be set at £800, a necessary increase forced upon us by inflation and the falling Euro rate. This still represents incredible value compared to other pilgrimages, and each place is heavily subsided. To make things clear from the outset the coach part of the pilgrimage is costed for shared accommodation from Dundee to Dundee. If you wish to only travel one way, etc, the cost will still be £800. This keeps things manageable for us as we book return ferries, cabins and hotels at this time of year. (If you want a single room for all, or some hotels en route, or in Lourdes, there will be a supplementary charge. The same applies for any changes to ferry accommodation).

The dates this year are from Tuesday 7th-21st July with the holiday at Disneyland Paris! If you don’t want to visit Disney just let us know at time of booking and we won’t book you tickets – the cost of the trip without the two days in Disney will still be £800!!

You will find the Application Form attached. There are 2 versions of the application form – MS Word for those who wish to complete and return the form electronically, and pdf for printing. Apple users may find the Word version does not display correctly, so may wish to try another device, or return the pdf by post. Forms must be returned this year with a deposit. Please note the bank details on the Application Form. To help spread the cost of payments we are looking for a deposit of £100 by beginning of December then payments of £100 on 31/1, 28/02, 31/03, 30/4, £150 by 31/5 and £150 by 30/6. If you would prefer to pay using a slightly different schedule please let us know. It is important that you text to let us know when you make payments into the bank account.

Note that all volunteers under 18 on date of outward travel, must submit an application form by post, signed by their parent / guardian.

We will also have a mandatory Training and Disclosure day, and will send you details. 

We are always looking for helpers, so please encourage each other, and ask your other friends to volunteer.  If you think money may be an issue, plan now and  let us know – we’ll try to help you by being flexible or supporting you in fundraising efforts.