Lourdes 2020

I write to you today with the sad, if not totally unexpected news that Joe Walsh Tours have postponed the Diocese of Dunkeld’s pilgrimage to Lourdes until 9th – 16th July 2021.  Since we exist to serve the pilgrimage we must also postpone until 6th – 20th July 2021.  Put this date in your diary now!

We have frozen the fare at £800 and have moved all the money you have paid forward.  We realise that a few of you may not be able to travel in 2021, and so please get in touch so we can arrange a full refund.  If you are intending to travel in 2021, but COVID-19 means that you are experiencing financial difficulties, and a refund of some, or all, of the money you have already paid would be useful, please get in touch and we’ll arrange to help. Please note that all feedback and personal requests must be made through the mail address below, dunkeldlourdesservice@yahoo.co.uk   

Be aware that with the Diocesan offices being closed due to lockdown, that refunds may take us some time to facilitate, but we will keep you informed of progress.

If you were unable to travel in 2020, but are back on board for Lourdes 2021, please get in touch because bookings are now open!

I realise that you will have many prayer intentions at the present time, but please remember the people of Lourdes as they face losing a season, and of course all those we serve.

Our Lady of Lourdes pray for us.


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