A busy day!

Today’s update is provided by Stuart, who has been helping on Dunkeld pilgrimages to Lourdes for over a decade:

My name is Stuart and I’ve been coming to Lourdes with Dunkeld since 2007.  Even though it’s been 13 years, every time I arrive it is still a magical place for me.

Today, Saturday, I was on morning shift and we went to the Penitential Service in the Chapel St Maximilian Kolbe after our friends in Notre Dame Accueil had breakfast.  Everybody met at the Crown Virgin under the Dunkeld banner.  There were lots of yellow shirts helping. I like this service because it helps me get my head ready to enjoy the pilgrimage, and gives us all the chance of reflecting on what we’ve done and planning how to improve.

Then we went through the Grotto and said a personal prayer to get Our Lady’s help.  Then to the Opening Mass in St Bernadette’s Chapel, where we sang hymns about helping the poor. This year’s theme is “Happy are the poor.”

It has been especially good this year with new Yellow Shirts and new friends from Xaverian College in England to work beside.


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