Our update on Sunday’s activities is slightly later than normal because yesterday was very busy! This reflection is written by Andrea, a sixth year from St John’s on her first trip to Lourdes:

It was one of those days that I wish would have never ended. We were very busy all day with our shifts in the Accueil, having the Grotto Mass followed by the blessed sacrament procession and fireworks to end the night.

Early this morning, we had our Mass held in the grotto which was a lovely change to the normal church. It was a nice warm morning and the bishop even came to bless all those who attended. Everyone seemed to have had a good time as after we headed to the St. Margaret’s (Queen of Scotland and English princess) statue who was often called “the pearl of Scotland”

While on shift, we made sure the pilgrims were getting the best out of their free time as we took them out to enjoy a little piece of the summer sun having lovely chats with a cup of tea and ice cream, to keep us cool in the hot weather.

We had the Blessed Sacrament procession shortly after. As the weather was so hot, we were unable to join the procession with the pilgrims, however we did manage to sit in the St Pius X basilica for the bishop to come and bless us all. This was an amazing experience and some of our own Dunkeld volunteers were in the procession holding one of the evangelists on a banner which was an amazing opportunity for the boys who were carrying it (Thomas and Tristan). The whole experience was overwhelming and amazing in general.

Later at night we had the fireworks everyone stood in a huddle at the benches on the roof of the Accueil and we took some lovely photos. The fireworks were extravagant, and very loud. Overall I had such a good time I’m so excited to spend more time with the most amazing people, will definitely be back next year!!


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