Yesterday we had Mass in St Joseph’s chapel and then the official pilgrimage photo. Maria Clarke, a parishioner of St Anne’s, Carnoustie reflects on the pilgrimage so far:

Over the past few days we’ve been getting to know the pilgrims thoroughly by taking them out to the shops and Masses, allowing them to be away from the Accueil during the day and it’s an amazing experience being able to bond with them all and love every single one of their personalities. I was so surprised on how well I get on with them all. 

Last night on the split shift, a few of us sang to the pilgrims and I began to get emotional hearing everyone join in and all coming together as a big family. 

I can’t describe the emotions I have felt with only being here a few days and as the week goes on my experience grows and grows. 

I’ve made friends for life and I know for sure that I will be coming back next year as this experience has changed my life for the better.


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